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Bottom color grinding machine

It is completed by grinding the workpiece by electric driving sand frame , so that the paintsurface of the workpiece is smoother and flatter , the thickness is uniform , and the surface issmooth and meets the process requirements

Abrasive materials such as abrasive cloth , sandpaper , scouring pad , non-woven fabricpolishing wheel , etc can be selected and matched

For raw materials above 300mm , the pressure shoe can facilitate the contact between theabrasive belt and the workpiece , which is good for sanding

Heavy duty housing , overall steel structure , high stability , can lift by hook or forklift

Intelligent control screen , easy and fast to operate .

Automatic thickness measurement , ntelligent setting of sanding distance , prevent fromdamaging the head and tail

Suitable for UV , PU , PE , water-based paint , and all kinds of plate sanding


Company Profile

DALIAN GUOSEN WOODWORKING MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. UV Coating line.GUOSEN -- machinery manufacturing company for furnitures, doors and windows, cabinets, bath cabinets, decorative materials and other furniture, building materials manufacturers to provide flat and special-shaped coating equipment and auxiliary equipment.Our company integrates product design, R&D, production and sales in one, dedicated to manufacturing and exporting woodworking machinery and equipment as well as other specialized manufacturing equipment. GUOSEN coating lines, and our company manufacture vacuum spraying machine lines and edge coating lines have been sold to different countries and regions.Our company could provide a series of services, such as product design, modification, old equipment renewal, maintenance and so on according to different requirements for every customer.

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